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Whiskey, Politics & Cigars

Whiskey, Politics & Cigars



Passionate about politics in 2017? Join us in an intimate discussion on the future of New York City politics, engaging while indulging. Former NYSYD Downstate Region Vice President, #NYSYD Man of Year Award recipient, and West Harlem Dems founder Corey Ortega hosts a panel of Young Dem experts at the Casa de Montecristo. Please DM Corey with any questions or text 646-417-1875.

Mel Farrah, Co-Founder, Politics&Cocktails (@POLIcocktail)

– Patrick Jordan, Vice President, NYSYD Downstate Region
– Anthony Perez, Executive Director, The Bronx Democratic Party
– Tazbir Alam, Vice President, Manhattan Young Democrats
– Antonio Alfonso, VP Political Affairs, Queens County Young Democrats
– Michael Twomey, Secretary, Brooklyn Young Democrats
– Dominick Robert DeRubbio, President, Young Democrats of Richmond County

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Casa de Montecristo by Cigar Inn
1016 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10022

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