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We Support:

  • Re-affirming our unwavering support for Racial Equity and Justice everywhere
  • Mandating that the Attorney General manages all cases of accused police misconduct 
  • Evaluating qualified immunity
  • Reallocating public safety resources to Reinvest in other social service programs and alternative interventions
  • Advocating for the retraining and continuing education and testing with law enforcement officers 
  • Updating training for all future public safety officers
  • Implementation and transition to a fully restorative criminal justice system.
    • GED or college course programs; job and vocational training; 
    • Ending job discrimination for previously incarcerated applicants.
  • Providing funding for mental health resources for all public safety professions
  • Advocating for immediate expunging all marijuana convictions and other charges incident to a marijuana violation and ensuring restorative economic justice 
  • Expunging records must include charges incurred due to actions while incarcerated for a marijuana conviction, so we can end the cycle of incarceration
  • Ending cash bail and eliminate pretrial detention beyond 3 months
  • Modernize Sentencing Laws and Remove Mandatory Prison Terms for Minor Offenses
  • Require recording of all interrogations
  • Advocating for more access to statewide mental health services 
  • Full reproductive healthcare access for all incarcerated persons 
  • Decriminalizing sex work
  • Supporting efforts to combat and end sex trafficking
  • Provide alternatives to prison sentences for youth offenders
  • Providing a fair wage for all incarcerated workers
  • Enacting comprehensive parole reform
  • Expanding conviction review statewide


We Support:

  • Supporting and providing services for victims of hate crimes
  • Removing barriers to employment for those receiving Unemployment Insurance Benefits
  • Protecting Seniors from Foreclosure
  • Expanding Homeless Services
  • Passage of the NY Health Act
  • Inclusive rehabilitation efforts 
    • Includes but is not limited to education, visitation, access to advocates and attorneys; the ability of family and advocates to send books clothing food, and other personal items
  • Fully and Permanently Fund the State, County, and the City Boards of Elections
  • Expanding voting rights to 16 & 17-year-olds
  • Removing barriers to vote by mail including No excuse vote by mail in the NYS Constitution
  • Expanding equal access to polling places and early voting locations
    • Including college campuses
  • Supporting Tenant Rights and Housing Rights for All
  • Supporting BIPOC homeownership
  • Supporting small landlords
    • Provide Tax relief for those whose tenants were unable to make rent due to  pandemic


We Support:

  • Ending Sub-Minimum Wages for Tipped Workers
  • Ending Right-To-Work Laws
  • Limiting Forced Arbitration Clauses in Employment and Service Contracts
  • Eliminating the Wage Gap
  • Enacting legislation for fair scheduling for workers 
  • Passing legislation protecting farmworkers 
  • Reciprocity for Development including local standards
  • Prevailing wage and pathway to apprenticeship
  • Pushing for upstate reinvestment in retraining people in jobs lost to automation
  • Instituting fair pay and protection(s) for interns and professional service workers in the public and private sectors
  • Fair pay, protection, and treatment of campaign staff and intern


We support:

  • Increasing the investments made in using Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs) for state contracts
  • Continuing to expand Downtown Revitalization Programs
  • Providing Incentives for Recent College Graduates to Become First-Time Homeowners 
  • Better protection and incentives for small business
  • Increasing support for farmers and agricultural communities. 
  • Enacting Green Jobs and Training legislation


We Support:

  • Expanding vocational opportunities
    • Ensure funding for vocational classes in HS for all students
  • Tuition-free college
    • Expand GradTAP
    • Tuition-Free SUNY/CUNY
      • Room and board assistance for lower-income students
  • College application fees waived for lower-income student
  • Reforming the SHSAT to create a more equitable educational system
  • Continuing to make pre-college prep courses accessible and equitable for all students
  • Supporting the expansion and availability of K-12 STEAM education
  • Life skills classes for financial literacy or economics
  • Expanding the standardization of sex education program(s) to address inclusivity,  gender identities, and consent
  • Cancellation of Student Debt
  • Expanding Pre-K
  • Expanding After School Care in Low-Income Areas
  • Ensuring that all public schools are fully funded, and on a more fair and equitable basis
  • Reforming Common Core and explore alternative learning standards 


We Support:

  • High-speed, Free, and Open Internet for All
  • Continue and expand all efforts to mitigate climate change
  • Invest in a Clean Energy Economy and Jobs
  • Protect Public Lands and Waters through legislation
  • Support the Right to Clean Air and Water Ballot Proposition in 2021
  • Transition to renewable energy on all public buildings
  • Preserving agricultural and natural green and open space, allowing communities to create tax funds that will go towards local preservation 
    • *We would support the Community Land Preservation Act statewide, not just on a county-level basis,
    • *Expanding program that exists in Westchester and parts of Upstate


We Support:

  • Mandating ADA accessibility for all existing mass transit stations
  • Increasing access to High-Speed Rail and Commercial Transportation to underserved communities
  • Expanding and Improving Rail and Mass Transit System, with an emphasis on underserved communities
    • Secure funding and expand service on all West of Hudson Metro North Lines*
  •  Promoting equitable and sustainable transportation planning
    • Prioritize walkable communities in urban and municipal planning
    • Support for transit-oriented development in communities statewide but with particular focus on economically vulnerable areas:
      • Including, but not limited to, the replacement of the I-81 Viaduct with Community Grid or Removal of I-787
  • Focusing on smart planning and prevention of irresponsible overdevelopment of land
    • Highlight impact on climate, local roads, sewage, water, property value, etc
  • Elimination of transit deserts
    • Mandating of bike lanes, specifically protected bike lanes, along major commercial corridors and busy roadways statewide
    • Continued support of residences in need of retrofitting in implementing statutes under the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (2019)