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Disability Community Voter Rights And Information Session



Manhattan Young Democrats (MYD) would like to invite you to participate in their first Disability Community Voter Rights and Information Conference.

MYD exists to engage, educate, and empower people. We hope we can help strengthen the voices of the disability community through this event.

Event Details:

  • A talk led by a speaker that informs people with disabilities of their voting rights. Topics will include but are not limited to:
    Curbside voting for people with mobility concerns
  • Adaptive technology for people who are blind or have low vision
  • How to address offensively “helpful” poll workers
  • An accessible introduction to the candidates running in November.
  • An accessible explanation of the many important ballot initiatives in November.
  • A talk on people losing their right to vote after being adjudged incompetent

Speakers: Michael Gilberg – Attorney and Autistic Self-Advocate

Co-Sponsors: MYD, NYSYD Disability Issues Caucus, YDA Disability Issues Caucus, Vote Early NY, New York Democratic Lawyer’s Council, AHRC NYC, 504 Democratic Club.


420 W 45th St
New York, NY 10036

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