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Merry Christmas from NYSYD

We don’t need to tell you how hard this year has been. We have spent months under lockdown, we have seen racial strife, and we have seen despots try to overturn the will of the people. Yet, we have made it to the other side.

The holidays are usually a time when we take inventory of the good things in our lives and the things that stay permanent: friends and family. While this holiday may be a bit different in that we can’t gather around a tree to see what Santa brought or, later, a large group at a dinner table, we can take solace in that, even while apart, we still have each other.

Our dinner table conversations may be done over Zoom (which, by the way, is free for the next few days) but it comes with some benefits. Instead of having to listen to our crazy uncle spout conspiracy theories that he heard on OANN, we can mute them. Instead of having to sit and endure questions about when we’re going to settle down, we can say “we’re having a bad connection,” turn off our video, and move into the next room for a few minutes.

No matter how you celebrate today, we wish you the happiest of holidays!

Merry Christmas from the New York State Young Democrats!