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Remembering & Honoring

As New Yorkers, September 11th is a difficult time for each and every one of us. Today is one of those days where you will always remember exactly where you were when you heard the news. Today is one of those days where you can still feel exactly how you felt in 2001 when watching the news coverage or seeing firsthand any of the towers collapsing. Today is one of those days where you can vividly recall the horrific images of New York and remember living through those uncertain times.

September 11th, 2001 changed us as a state, but it made us stronger!

When tragedy struck, we came together as a state. We weren’t upstate or downstate, Democrats or Republicans, progressives, liberal or conservative, we were New Yorkers, and we were mourning our losses together. First responders came from far and wide to aid the NYPD and NYFD in protecting our fellow New Yorkers and in the recovery process. Many of our brave heroes suffered greatly for their bravery during this time, and we can’t thank them enough for their service to our great Empire State.

On the 19th Anniversary of one of our nation’s darkest days, we honor the brave heroes for their service, we continue to mourn the losses of our neighbors and loved ones, and we stand united together in taking a moment, not to be political, but to be a New Yorker!