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Both Sides of the Candlestick

To say the members of the New York State Young Democrats (NYSYD) are sad and hurt regarding the current state of our country would be an immense understatement. We are not only sad and hurt, but we are angry, frustrated, and more ready than ever to mobilize and to do the work necessary to bring ever-lasting change to our state and local governments.

What has happened to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others are appalling acts of police brutality and racism, and they are not made any less painful by 45’s comments and actions in recent days. Moreover, our anger increases when we have to deal with leaders within our own party — that we help get elected — fail to help create safe spaces for New Yorkers to peacefully protest and come together to mourn (looking at you Mayor De Blasio).

Our anger, our frustration, our hurt, and our sadness have compiled into taking actions and making our collective voices heard in halls of power and in the streets. The NYSYD has always and will continue to always burn the candle at both ends.

Our members from Long Island, to Brooklyn, to Manhattan, to Westchester, to Putnam, to Utica, to Yates, and beyond have marched, rallied, and have spoken out against racial injustice, because we know that BLACK LIVES MATTER! We ask our members to continue to protest, and organize within every community in New York State, but our work cannot stop there!

We, The New York State Young Democrats, call on EVERY New York State Democratic Legislator in the State Senate and Assembly to support an array of necessary and long overdue bills to get passed. These bills, which make up the Police Reform Package have highlighted by our friends at the NYS Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Legislative Caucus include:

  1. The Repeal of 50-A
    1. A.2513/S.3695 (O’Donnell/Bailey)
  2. False 9-1-1 Complaints
    1. A.3566 (Ortiz/Benjamin)
  3. Office of the Special Prosecutor
    1. A.1601/S.2574 (Perry/Bailey)
  4. Police Stat Act
    1. A. 1360a/S.1830b (Lentol/Hoylman)
  5. Right to Monitor Act
    1. A.1360a/S.3253 (Perry/Parker)
  6. Local Independent Oversight of Police
    1. A.10560/S.7527 (Richardson/Myrie)
  7. Medical Attention For Persons Under Arrest
    1. A.8226a/S.6601 (Fernandez/Bailey)
  8. Establishing the Crime of Strangulation
    1. A.6144/S.6670a (Mosley/Benjamin)
  9. Failure to Obtain Medical Care
    1. A.3056b/S.4076 (Fernandez/Biaggi)
  10. Bans Racial/Ethnic Profiling by Police
    1. A.4615/S.1137a (Bichotte/Benjamin)
  11. Reducing Arrests for Non-Criminal Offenses
    1. A.4053/S.2571 (Aubry/Bailey)
  12. Expanded Use of Law Enforcement Body Cameras
    1. Body Cameras for NYS Police | A.8674/S.6686 (Walker/Parker)
    2. Body Cameras for MTA Police | A.8943a/S.6793a (Reyes/Ramos)


CLICK HERE to send your petition to your local elected and DEMAND PUBLIC SUPPORT for this Police Reform Package.

Our work has just begun and we will not be finished until we, as a collective voice, are heard in every corner in every county, and in every chamber of every local and state government.