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NYSYD Urges Dr. Pepper Snapple to Negotiate with Members of RWDSU at Mott’s Factory in Rochester

Labor Day, a celebration of America’s blood, sweat and tears, is a day to honor the workforce in our country. The men and women that have bruised their hands and callused their feet to perform the necessary and vital jobs that make our economy run are so often overlooked. On Labor Day, given the current economic climate we must demonstrate our commitment to the tradesmen and women by making sure that all workers are compensated appropriately for the services that they perform. Many of our talented laborers in New York are young adults, some of which are members of RWDSU Local 220. To commemorate Labor Day, the New York State Young Democrats are urging the leaders of Dr. Pepper Snapple to get back to the table and reach a fair and equitable solution that will help stimulate the local Rochester economy and put the workers at the Mott’s factory back to work.

Members of RWDSU Local 220 have been on strike now for over 100 days and have been forced to subsidize their jobs with less-paying, lower-skilled jobs that are often filled by young adults.

Tough economic conditions create additional burdens for companies and workers alike. But, while the Rochester area workers are continuing to fight for good paying jobs and struggling to make ends meet, Dr. Pepper Snapple recorded $555 million in profits and over $1 billion in revenues. Dr. Pepper Snapple, like many other prominent corporations in America, is in a position to lead our country towards economic recovery. We maintain the position of RWDSU that Dr. Pepper Snapple must reciprocate the support that the members of the local community have shown to Motts interests for years.

We understand that the vehicle to recovery needs to be fueled by the private sector and we know that every job counts in every community, this bold action from Dr. Pepper Snapple will quickly spread throughout communities around America. We need to halt this type of corporate action right here, in this upstate community and work together with employers to encourage them to maintain and even expand New York’s talented workforce. If we can help our middle class keep more dollars in their paychecks and pockets, those dollars will quickly multiply as they work their way through the economy at gas stations, restaurants, department stores and even Snapple vending machines.

Starting on Labor Day, NYSYD will be encouraging individuals to forego the Snapple products they are purchasing and instead donate the amount of a Snapple product to a fund to support these workers during this difficult time. Please click here to honor the workers in Local 220 for the work that they have loyally and professionally done in Rochester.