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NYSYD Gives Back

Amid the heat and humidity of summer, Young Democrats around New York State have been rolling-up their sleeves in service to their community.

On July 17, the Dutchess County Young Democrats “adopted-a-spot” as part of the County’s Watershed Awareness Month. The project aims at informing the public of the role of watersheds and their importance to public health and safety. As part of the “Adopt-a-Spot” project, participants will experience watersheds as regular sources of drinking water, recreation, and natural beauty; all reasons why they must be protected and kept litter-free. Members of the Dutchess County Young Dems spent their Saturday clearing a local stream of materials hazardous to all aspects of the natural habitat.

Our partnership with the “Adopt-a-Spot” program is only one piece of NYSYD‘s commitment to our communities. Community service is obviously a non-partisan issue and demonstrates the notion that public service does not only mean being involved in the political process.

Continuing around our State, the Albany County Young Democrats,will be partnerng with the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York in a 3 day, area-wide food drive to assist local organizations and less-fortunate individuals in the fight to end hunger.

The Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York has been helping to feed the needy in our communities since 1982, serving 23 counties and providing over 20 million pounds of food to 1,000 agencies. On July 27-28, volunteers will distribute flyers a collection bags to communities around the Albany for locals to place non-perishable food items in the provided bags. On July 31, volunteers will collect the donated items, which will be left on the respective participant’s doorsteps. Those that are wishing to assist the Albany County Young Democrats or would like more information check out the listing of local YD events on our website.

During a time where so many have so few, it is extremely important to remember that in order to be effective leaders, we need to roll up our sleeves every once in a while. Our service to individual communities from Suffolk to Steuben and Erie to Essex can occur in the form of anything from a food drive or clean up to a letter writing campaign or rally. The ability to lead our State into the next generation is more than just being able to win an election, it is about standing for a cause and inspiring positive action that will connect everyone in every community. It will remain a priority of NYSYD to replicate events similar to those of Albany and Dutchess hoping to bring together neighborhoods for a cause greater than the stakes of any election.