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U.S. Senator Schumer On Health Care Reform Passage

Message From U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer On Health Care Reform Passage:
I hope I’m not bothering you by sending this message so close to the holidays, but I wanted to let you know the news right away: The Senate finally passed a health care reform bill this morning.

The bill is based on the agreement we reached last weekend, and the next step will be to combine it with the version the House passed so both chambers can vote on a final version.

As I’ve said, this bill is not perfect. A strong, level-playing-field public option would have done more to help keep costs down. But we’re going to stop the worst of the premium increases, impose tough new rules on the insurance companies, and extend coverage to millions.

That’s a pretty big achievement any way you look at it.

So thank you for your support this year. I’ll be in touch soon with more.

Happy holidays,
Chuck Schumer