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Young Democrats Are Victorious On Election Day

Last night was a very big night for the New York State Young Democrats!

We  are proud of all of the Young Dems who won their races last night. Here is how our YD’s who ran for office this year did after all the votes were counted.

Clarkstown Town Council                         Vote for 2

Stephanie G. Hausner (YD)                        8,078

George A. Hoehmann                                   7,763

Aney Paul                                                        7,113

Diane L. Holland                                            5,181

John R. Maloney                                             2,750


Clarkstown Town Clerk                            Vote for 1

David Carlucci (YD)                                 12,536

Donna M. Held                                          3,814


Beekman Town Supervisor                   Vote for 1

Daniel J French (YD)                              1,712

Barbara A Zulauf                                     1,189


NYC Council – District 5                              Vote for 1

Jessica Lappin (YD)                                    19,725

Stephen Kaufman                                        6,815


NYC Council – District 30                         Vote for 1

Elizabeth Crowley (YD)                           11,227

Thomas Ognibene                                     7,686


Let this prove that YD’s can run for elected office in New York State and win!


If we missed anyone please email NYSYD President Matthew Silverstein at and we will add those results to this post.