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Pell Grant Sponsor Dead At 90

Former United States Senator Claiborne Pell died yesterday at age 90. Senator Pell died after a very long battle with Parkinson’s disease.  Senator Claiborne Pell (D-Rhode Island) served six terms as Senator from 1961 to 1997.


Senator Claiborne Pell was best known as the sponsor of the “Basic Educational Opportunity Grants Program’ which was passed in 1972. This program later became known as the Pell Grant in 1980. Pell Grants provideds  billions of dollars to young people looking to attend college.

The New York State Young Democrats mourn the passing of Senator Pell and on behalf of all the young people who have benefited from Pell Grants we would like to say thank you to Senator Pell. You will certaintly be missed.