Group: Caucus Chairs

Taylor Coloton

Growing up in a small town that was mostly red, Taylor never imagined myself being involved in politics. She got her first taste at SUNY Delhi. During her time in college at SUNY Delhi and became active as a secretary in the Hospitality club and later on becoming club president. This giving her her first taste of politics and falling in love.

After graduating and returning back to my home town, Taylor realized that there wasn’t a Democrat community in the small town of Jewett, NY. As they have successfully started a new committee this past year and have two candidates up for election she could not have been prouder of this small town. Working with other young Dems in the community we realized how we needed our own committee to help each other grow and she can’t wait to see each one of us grow into amazing leaders.


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Daniel Randell

Danny is a proud Queens native and the newly elected Chair for the NYSYD Jewish Caucus, a platform he wishes to use to practice Tikkun Olam – the Jewish mission of repairing the world. To Danny, Tikkun Olam consists of combating the resurgence of white supremacy and Nazism that has viciously targeted Jewish-Americans, various religious minorities, and all non-white Americans. He is currently the Legislative and Community Affairs Coordinator for NYS Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato in South Queens, and the Vice President of Membership for the Queens County Young Democrats. Danny has worked on a number of campaigns – including State Senator’s Jessica Ramos and John Liu, New York City Councilmember Paul Vallone, New Jersey Gubernatorial candidate Jim Johnson, Congressional candidate John Kaiman. Danny was also a Field Organizer in 2016 for Secretary Clinton in Asheville, North Carolina where his team knocked on over 30,000 doors and made nearly 30,000 phone calls. He has also worked for the MTA, the Clinton Foundation, Capital Associates in Washington DC, and United States Congressman Paul Tonko of Albany.

Danny is a life long sufferer of New York sports teams – the Mets, Jets, Knicks, and Rangers. He loves traveling, having been to nearly half of the United States and over a dozen countries, and when he is not working him you can find him at a game, concert, museum, good restaurant or any other cool NYC experience.

Serving in this capacity on the NYSYD Executive Board is an honor and privilege, and he hopes to leave his term as Chair having made a positive impact on the Jewish community of this state.

Destiny Hallenbeck

Destiny is the current President of College Democrats of New York (CDNY) and attends Union College as a political science and classics double-major. Prior to her time with CDNY, she interned for NYS Assemblymember Didi Barrett (NY-106) as well as for the SUNY Center for International Development.

Kieran Kelly

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Malynda Rascoe

Malynda V. Rascoe is a well-respected Political Strategist and Influencer. She serves on local and national Democratic campaigns with the primary goal of electing skilled, competent, and qualified candidates. As an Activist, she uses her platform to provide social awareness, civic engagement, and solutions on issues that are most relevant to overlooked and misunderstood communities.

Malynda is uncompromising and relentless as it pertains to educating and uplifting Women, as well as Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC). This is illustrated through her roles as the Chair of the New York State Young Democrats Caucus of Color; where she represents Black and Brown young adults, ages 16-36 across 62 counties. In addition, she serves as the Brooklyn Young Democrats (BYD) Women’s Caucus Chair, as well as an At-Large Board Member with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Brooklyn Branch. Malynda is also active in hyper-local politics in her community of Downtown Brooklyn, New York.

Malynda is a vocal animal rights and climate justice Activist. In addition, with regards to health and wellness, she actively promotes a vegan/plant-based lifestyle. As a result of changing her diet, she has reversed her risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and hypertension.

Malynda’s life story is similar to that of many Women. She was raised in foster care and the juvenile justice system; both, in addition to overcoming rape, domestic violence, low self-esteem, and homelessness. While these adversities were tough, Malynda has never wavered or made excuses for herself. Instead, she uses her life experiences as motivation to achieve her personal goals; while empowering other Women who share similar stories to run for public office and win.

Educationally, Malynda holds a Master’s degree in Public Affairs and Administration, along with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. She hopes to begin law school next fall to focus on Public Interest. Her ultimate goals are to serve in a White House Cabinet position, and later, as a United States Supreme Court Justice.

KC Hankins

KC Hankins currently serves as the LGBTQ+ Caucus Chair. He grew up in New Jersey and moved to New York City to attend college at Pace University to study economics and mathematics. After graduating, KC joined Teach for America, which enabled him to become a mathematics teacher at John Dewey High School, a historic public school in South Brooklyn. A few years ago, KC moved to Staten Island and, shortly thereafter, became a member of the Young Democrats of Richmond County. KC currently serves as the Treasurer of the YDRC. As LGBT Caucus Chair, KC works to unify and empower the LGBT community in each of the chapters in the New York State Young Democrats.

Seamus Campbell

Seamus Campbell is a native Brooklynite who currently serves as the Chair of both the New York State Young Democrats and  Young Democrats of America Disability Issues Caucus in addition to serving as the Chair of the Democratic National Committee‘s Youth Disability Council. Seamus began his tenure in the Young Democrats by co-founding the current iteration of the Brooklyn Young Democrats and serving as its founding Secretary. Since then, he has served in various state and national Young Democrats positions including New York State Young Democrats (NYSYD) Deputy Director of Communications, NYSYD Press Secretary YDA Northeast Regional Communications Director, NYSYD Chief of Staff, YDA Disability Issues Caucus Treasurer, and as a web developer for the Young Democrats of America Tech Team. He has also served as Webmaster of the New York State Democratic Committee and a delegate to the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Seamus is also a member of the Kings County Democratic Committee, from the 52nd Assembly District – which consistently has the highest voter turnout in the state – and is a board member of the Democratic club for the district – the Independent Neighborhood Democrats.

Seamus has worked for numerous candidates and elected officials, as a web programmer and communications consultant, including former Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, State Senate and Assembly candidate Jason Otaño, Orangetown Receiver of Taxes and Town Council Candidate Christopher Smith, State Senator Roxanne Persaud, Brooklyn District Attorney candidate Anne Swern, Manhattan Democratic District Leader Mike Corbett, and Democratic State Committeeman and New York City Council candidate Kevin Peter Carroll. Seamus works full-time as the Website Coordinator at The City College of New York where he has developed a sub-specialty in developing websites and digital content that are accessible for persons with disabilities. In his free time, he co-hosts a podcast called Campbell and Cohen’s Kooky Quarantine and produces another one entitled From City to the World. In 2020, he and some friends from YDA started their own political action committee named “Dog PAC.”

In 2010, Seamus was named a “Hero of Reform” by Bill Samuels, founder of the New Roosevelt Initiative and EffectiveNY; and, in 2012, he was named a “Buffoon of the Week” by the Brooklyn GOP.

Seamus holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Science from Fordham University and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Political Management from The George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management, where he is a member of the Golden Key honor society.