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Photo of the Week

NYSYD Statement On Hiram Monserrate: RESIGN! New York State Young Democrats Praise Senate President Malcolm Smith and Conference Leader John Sampson  for the Creation of a Committee to Debate Whether Further Disciplinary Action for Senator Monserrate is Necessary

President Malcolm Smith and Conference Leader John Sampson announced the creation of a special committee to discuss potential additional disciplinary action for Senator Hiram Monserrate resulting from his conviction on misdemeanor assault charges.

The New York State Young Democrats President Matthew Silverstein called for Senator Monserrate to resign stating that, “Senator Monserrate’s actions and his prosecution severely identify questions of his character as an elected official.  I join many others in calling for his resignation so that the State of New York can move on to the important state-wide issues on the agenda.”

Silverstein went on to commend the Senate Democratic leadership for creating the committee, which will be chaired by Senator Eric Schneiderman and consist of a majority of Democrats.  “The actions taken by Senators Smith and Sampson demonstrate our Democratic commitment to strong moral character and that actions, like those of Senator Monserrate, will not be tolerated or ignored.  I entrust that the State Leadership will seriously consider the findings of this committee and urge all of the other New York State Senators to vote in favor of expelling Senator Monserrate.”

The New York State Young Democrats Women’s Caucus echoed Silverstein  by stating that Senator Monserrate should resign or be expelled as an illustration that domestic violence should not be tolerated or ignored.  Co-Chairs Julienne Verdi and Kathleen O’Hagen stated, “Domestic violence is a serious problem in New York State, nationwide and internationally.  Senator Monserrate’s behavior with his female companion cannot and will not be ignored.  We hope that this egregious situation will shine light on this often hidden issue.”


The New York State Young Democrats are the official youth arm of the New York State Democratic Committee. The New York State Young Democrats represent young democrats between the ages of 16-36 in all of New York’s sixty two counties.

If you would like more information on this topic, or to set up an interview with New York State Young Democrats President Matthew Silverstein or New York State Young Democrats Women’s Caucus Co-Chairs Julienne Verdi and Kathleen O’Hagen, please contact New York State Young Democrats Communication Director Jennifer Royer at

QCYD President Costa Constantinides Named City Hall News Rising Star: 40 Under 40 For 2009


Link To Original Story:

We are pleased to report that Queens County Young Democrats President Costa Constantinides was named by City Hall News as their 2009 Rising Stars: 40 Under 40. We are very proud of the work Costa has done as President of the Queens County Young Democrats. We know that big things are in store for Costa. Keep up the good work Costa!

This is the second year in a row that an active member of NYSYD & QCYD was named by City Hall News to their Rising Stars: 40 Under 40 list. Last year NYSYD President Matthew Silverstein, was also named to that list.

Get Back Into The Fight

“For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dream shall never die.”

These words have been used a lot over the past few weeks as the nation remembers Senator Edward Kennedy. Indeed, they are of particular relevance when considering the issue of health care reform and its impact on the millennial generation. Many critics have said lately that my generation has gone AWOL from this battle. Well consider this is a plea to my generation to get back into the fight.

The millennial generation is the largest uninsured demographic in America, with only 1 in 3 living with health insurance. In 2007 approximately 13.2 million young people were uninsured. Young people are especially vulnerable to the rising costs of health care. The price tag of individual health coverage, which is expected to reach over $16,000 in 2040, is already sprinting past $5,000 annually. More and more young people are incapable of purchasing even the most basic coverage plan. This leads to a higher rate of worker absenteeism due to preventable illnesses, which in turn decreases production and results in poorer economic performance. So why pass comprehensive reform? As James Carville once so succinctly put it, “It’s the economy, stupid!”

Health care reform is the single most important issue that faces the millennial generation. Too often the millennial generation walks around feeling young and indestructible, and not interested in old people issues. This is an attitude that we must correct before someone gets hurt. Health Care Reform was the dream and the life mission of the late Senator Kennedy. He might have passed the torch, but now we must be the ones who carry it across the finish line. If we truly are the next generation of American leaders, we must show that we are as passionate as Senator Kennedy was regarding this issue. If we do not act now, millions of our young brothers and sisters face the risk of getting sick and without proper health care coverage someone is going to get hurt or possibly die.

I encourage all millennials to make sure you voice is heard in this fight. Contact your elected representatives and make sure that they know just how important Health Care is to you. Attend Health Care Reform rallies to show you support this issue. Go to a Health Care Town Hall and participate in the debate. Just because we were the driving force behind the election of President Barack Obama does not mean the work stops there. We must support the President efforts to continue the cause of Senator Kennedy life. It is up to us to insure that the dream lives on.

Matthew Silverstein is 27 years old and is the President of the New York State Young Democrats, an organization which represents identified Democrats from ages 16-36 throughout the State of New York.

MY Letter To The Editor – Allow Gays In Military


Queens Chronicle – Thursday, September 10, 2009

Allow gays in military 

 Dear Editor: 

 On the campaign trail, President Obama spoke out against the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that prevents gays and lesbians from serving openly in our armed forces. Now, as commander in chief, the president has a chance to do something about it.

All qualified Americans should be able to serve openly in the military regardless of sexual orientation.Don’t ask, don’t tell is the only policy that mandates firing a person because of their sexual orientation. Nearly 13,000 service members have been discharged from the military since it was put in place. Of those, more than 800 have skills considered to be “mission-critical.”

The Military Readiness Enhancement Act would repeal don’t ask, don’t tell and allow all qualified Americans to serve openly regardless of sexual orientation. 

The time is now for President Obama to fulfill his campaign pledge to end this discriminatory law that prevents brave men and women from serving their country. It’s time for the president to partner with Congress to pass the Military Readiness Enhancement Act and get rid of don’t ask, don’t tell once and for all. 

Matthew Silverstein 
President, New York State Young Democrats