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Job Growth and Economic Development

  • Show transparency for industrial companies: create public cost and benefit analysis available 90 days in advance of a public meeting
    • “Transparent Public Process”
  • Push for upstate reinvestment in retraining people in jobs lost to automation
  • Include tax Incentives point from labor section in this section


  • Expanding vocational opportunities
    • Ensure funding for vocational classes in HS for all students
  • Tuition-free college
    • Expand GradTAP
  • Free SUNY/CUNY
    • Free CUNY benefits THROUGH mid class/ bottom 90%
      • Remove middle class from free tuition
      • Room and board assistance for lower-income students
        • Tuition-free college for at cuny and SUNY for all kids; those above below poverty line will receive Supplemental Funding of Associated Costs for Students
  • College application fees waived for lower income student
  • Advertise and fund GENIUS for SHSAT/SAT prep for lower-income students
  • K-12 computer classes and STEAM education
  • Life skills classes for financial literacy or economics


  • Modernize all international airports
  • Support light rail


  • Support SUNY Nanotech
  • Change “clean energy economy” to “100% renewable energy economy”
  • Add goals of Green New Deal to climate platform without stating the name “Green New Deal”

Justice Reform and Public Safety

  • Ending cash bail and eliminate pretrial detention beyond 3 months
  • Require any prosecutors to present all evidence to defense attorneys before plea deal negotiations
  • Require recording of all interrogations
  • Decriminalize and Legalize marijuana and expunge all records and ensure restorative economic
  • Statewide mental health and recidivism
  • reauthorization of 9/11 first responder Bill
  • Full reproductive healthcare access for all prisoners
  • Decriminalizing sex work
  • Independent prosecutors for cases of accused police misconduct

Civil Rights

  • Remove pass the DREAM Act (accomplished)
  • Remove pass GENDA (accomplished)
  • Remove gay conversion therapy (accomplished)
  • End payday lending and other usurious lendings
  • Parole reform for elders
  • Expanding alternatives for incarceration options for low-risk parole eligible individuals
  • Expand conviction review unit
  • Prohibition on all for-profit prisons
  • Inclusive rehabilitation efforts – including education, visitation, and access to advocates and attorneys; the ability of family and advocates to send books clothing food and other personal items
  • Voting rights for felons
  • Remove Barriers to vote by mail including No excuse vote by mail in the NYS Constitution
  • Automatic voter registration
  • Lower voting age to 16