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Tyler White

Tyler White

Executive Vice President

Tyler White, is an Afro-Latina from Southeast Queens. She has lived in both Queens & the Bronx and, during her formative years, she was exposed to a variety of diverse communities through her education around New York City and Long Island. She began participating in Young Dem activities with her local chapter of QCYD & served as a delegate for Queens at the 2016 Convention. At this time, she volunteered to serve as the Treasurer for the NYSYD Caucus of Color, a position she had to leave once chosen to serve as NYSYD Chief of Staff in April 2018. As Chief of Staff, Tyler is known for her candor, analytical skills, and non-judgemental point of view. She has built trust and respect amongst her colleagues and they look to her for real answers without the threat of pretension.

Outside of NYSYD, Tyler worked as a staffer for the late State Senator Jose R. Peralta and Assemblywoman Alicia Hyndman where she served as a liaison between the community and their representative. During her time with Sen. Peralta, she coordinated Immigration Forums for the 13th Senate District to help empower the community & combat fear perpetrated by the actions of the Federal Government. She is passionate about the communities she works for and the impact she can be part of.

Currently, Tyler is an entrepreneur. Utilizing her skills to bring people together and adapt to different communities, she built a company with her husband, Randall Acosta. ShenanigansNY, Inc. is a board game event service that is available for corporate events, private parties, and public board game nights. For their public events, ShenanigansNY partners with locally owned bars, restaurants & lounges to host board game nights throughout NYC & Long Island. They pride themselves on being a place where people of all backgrounds, employment, and ideologies can find a place to converse and have fun.

Tyler holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from John Jay College of Criminal Justice where she graduated as a member of the Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program. She loves to travel and is fluent in English & Spanish, conversational in Japanese & Korean, & dabbles in Greek & Tagalog.