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NYSYD’s Statement on AG’s Investigation

Five months ago, we believed the survivors and trusted that the Attorney General’s investigation would substantiate the allegations that had been made. Yesterday’s report from Attorney General James brought the survivors one step closer to justice by validating their claims that Governor Cuomo engaged in a pattern of unacceptable behavior and sexual harassment. Today, we, the New York State Young Democrats, again, call on Governor Cuomo to promptly resign. If Governor Cuomo does not resign, we urge the New York State Legislature to expeditiously remove him through the impeachment process.

Far too often, survivors do not have an investigation and comprehensive report published by the Attorney General to validate their claims. Furthermore, many of the protections that are afforded to those in most workplaces are diminished, or non-existent, for staffers in all three branches of the state government. In this case, we have an opportunity to enact a level of swift justice by removing the perpetrator from power.

We continue to call upon the legislature to revise practices and enact legislation that will provide a safe environment for survivors to come forward — and find justice when they do. We have full confidence in the Democratic supermajorities to pass swift and comprehensive legislation that centers on protecting victims of sexual harassment and violence. Now is the time to make the workplace safer for all.

To all survivors of sexual harassment or assault in any instance: We hear you and support you wherever you are, as this is not limited to the workplace or legislative halls. We remain an organization committed to working with you to dismantle the systems that sustain environments where these actions are welcome.


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