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New York State Young Democrats Delegate Selection Plan

Indianapolis, IN – July 17-21, 2019

The President of the New York State Young Democrats (NYSYD) shall present a list of delegates and alternates to the NYSYD Executive Board for consideration. The Executive Board will give its advice and consent on the names submitted prior to approval.

New York will cast 110 votes at a ratio of about 3 votes per delegate. As such, we will send 37 delegates and 3 alternates to Indianapolis, Indiana for the Young Democrats of America (YDA) Biennial Convention. One delegate, chosen by lot, will cast 2 votes.

All prospective delegates or alternates (delegation members) are required to submit an online application form. This form will be made available online beginning on May 16, 2019, and will receive applications until 11:59:59 PM EST on May 31, 2019. Failure to submit a form during this time will result in an individual not being considered. In addition, all persons chosen as delegation members are required to attend the 2019 NYSYD Convention. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of their status as a delegation member.

Affirmative Action Goals

Women: 50% (Fixed at 50% regardless of population)

Based on the updated 2015 U.S. Census estimates, we will attempt to meet the following goals for minority representation:

  • African-American: 20%
  • Hispanic or Latino: 20%
  • Asian: 10%

In addition, extensive research has provided these goals for the following groups:

  • Rural: 15% (2010 Census)
  • LGBTQ: 10% (2012 Gallup Poll[1])
  • Disabled: 15% (ages 18-44, 2010 CDC[2])
  • Labor: 20% (2016 Bureau of Labor Statistics[3])
  • Jewish:  10% (2015 Brandeis University[4])

Taking these numbers into consideration, and based on those who applied by the deadline, NYSYD will strive to meet the following goals:

  • Women: 19 delegation members
  • African-American:  8 delegation members
  • Hispanic or Latino: 8 delegation members
  • Asian: 4 delegation members
  • Rural: 6 delegation members
  • LGBTQ: 4 delegation members
  • Disabled: 6 delegation members
  • Labor: 8 delegation members
  • Jewish: 4 delegation members

Delegation members may qualify for more than one of the aforementioned categories. For example, someone can be an African-American union member with a disability and thus be counted to satisfy all 3 requirements.

Delegates will be expected to be present and in their seats during all general sessions. Failure to do so will result in the seating of an Alternate in their place.

In addition, delegation members may be appointed to represent NYSYD in specific committee and caucus meetings. While all of these meetings are open to the public, some allow only one (1) person to vote on behalf of each state. In this instance, only those who are specifically assigned by the Delegation Chair will be given voting privileges on behalf of New York.

Any necessary changes to the delegation roster as a result of a penalty imposed by the YDA Credentials Committee will be made by the Delegation Chair with the consultation of the National Committee Members from New York.

Finally, in an effort to be more inclusive, it is the sole discretion of the Delegation Chair to add any members of the New York State Young Democrats present at the YDA Convention to the list of Alternates. Should a person be added, they cannot be seated as a Delegate until the list of Alternates who applied in a timely manner is exhausted.