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Women’s Caucus of the New York State Young Democrats Observes Domestic Violence Awareness Month

(NEW YORK)–In observance of October being designated as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the Women’s Caucus of the New York State Young Democrats applauds legislation recently passed in both houses of the legislature and signed by the governor, in support of domestic violence victims and survivors. The NYSYD Women’s Caucus also praises Assemblywoman Janele Hyer-Spencer for introducing her domestic violence legislative package that will further expand critical protections that every woman needs and deserves. The Women’s Caucus is looking forward to partnering and working with Assemblywoman Hyer-Spencer to combat the severity of domestic violence.

Assemblywoman Janele Hyer-Spencer’s domestic violence package includes Danielle DiMedici and Jessica Tush’s Law, which creates a registry of domestic violence offenders (A.10265-A). The registry will allow victims to know the location of their abusers and inform women if someone they are dating has a history of dangerous behavior.

Other measures in the Assemblywoman’s package provide unemployment insurance for domestic violence victims (A.4903); require that victims be automatically notified when an order of protection has been served (A.10663); require that high schools provide incoming freshman with information on domestic violence and stalking (A.9940); and authorize closed-circuit television testimony for domestic violence witnesses (A.4338).

“The Women’s Caucus has been a great partner in advocating for stronger laws and improved outreach on domestic violence,” Hyer-Spencer said. “To combat this crime, New York State must take the lead in protecting and educating young women.”

“Intimate partner violence is the most prevalent cause of homicides for women 16 years of age and older in New York State. Assemblywoman Janele Hyer-Spencer’s legislation would take the next steps to provide essential resources to victims and educate women about this heinous crime,” said Women’s Caucus Chairwoman Julienne Verdi.

Recently enacted by the Governor is also a set of protections for victims of domestic violence which includes a provision to create a separate voter registration file, immune from FOIL requests, to hide the locations and information of violence victims. This package also provides domestic violence survivors with the option to request an unlisted telephone number at no charge or use an altered name for the directory listing.

“The bills that were passed and signed into law are excellent first steps to providing resources for victims of domestic violence,” said Kevin Lawrie, President of the New York State Young Democrats. “NYSYD‘s Women’s Caucus approached Assemblywoman Hyer-Spencer and identified her legislation as a priority for our organization so that women all over New York can achieve the quality of life that everyone is entitled to. Along with Julienne and the Women’s Caucus and Assemblywoman Hyer-Spencer, the members of NYSYD will always be committed to ensuring the health and well being of so many people in the young adult community.”