Code of Ethics

  1. All elected and appointed officials of New York State Young Democrats (“NYSYD Officials”) are, at all times, representative of the New York State Democratic Party and of their local County Democratic Parties, and must conduct themselves in such a manner to reflect positively on both.
  2. NYSYD as an organization is dedicated to equality for all. Under no circumstances are racism, misogyny, or discrimination of any kind to be tolerated by or among NYSYD Officials. NYSYD Officials are to be constant in their conduct to promote equality among race, gender, and sexuality.
  3. NYSYD can only function where there is truthfulness among members. NYSYD Officials will maintain standards of full disclosure and honesty among each other as relates to the issues and business of NYSYD.
  4. NYSYD does not condone underage drinking or any age-inappropriate actions. When organizing events, all elected and appointed officials of NYSYD must be mindful of participants’ ages and take steps to adhere to applicable local laws.

Failure to adhere to this Code may result in removal from your elected or appointed post.